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Advanced Purification

Brooks Brown is another person I have met who for years was honing his craft In one specific niche. Air purification with ozone gas. He and his partner have developed what they consider to be the most technologically advanced portable ozone generator on the market today. Another "Made in America" success story that is plug and play and fits the new category that I am coining "Green Disinfection" I truly believe a longer-term story is going to emerge around the cumulative effects of chemical disinfectants that everyone is scrambling to deploy around the clock in various work environments.

Using ozone as a disinfection strategy is not new:  Attached are three scientific articles that describe the efficacy of ozone in destroying viruses.  Of course, The coronavirus (COVID-19), is brand new, but it is closely related to the SARS virus (COV-2) which is responsible for diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).  There are actually more than 17 scientific studies that prove ozone gas can destroy the SARS coronavirus.

How does ozone destroy a virus?  The new Coronavirus is what is known as an “enveloped virus,” meaning that it has an outer wrapping that comes from a host cell in a process called “budding off.”  And though this outer wrap may play a role in helping the virus survive and infect other cells, it also makes it more susceptible to physico-chemical agents such as Ozone. In past studies, 99% of viruses have been damaged or destroyed after 30 seconds of exposure to ozone.  Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core, resulting in damage to the viral RNA. At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the exterior protein shell by oxidation.

As a gas, ozone reaches every surface in the treatment area, essentially everywhere air currents travel.  The attached studies describe the efficacy of ozone in killing the SARS Coronavirus, which is almost identical to the new Coronavirus (Covid19).

SanusAer High Output Ozone Generators:  Deliver high levels of ozone into the treatment space in a short period of time, enough to build the concentration to a level that destroys the viruses and bacteria making the space safer for customers.  As noted above, because ozone is a gas, it has penetrating properties allowing it to reach all the surfaces and is considered a broad-based sanitization process.  For safety reasons, we recommend that these treatments be conducted at night when the office is closed and that there be no People, Pets, or Plants around.

The Ozone naturally decomposes into clean breathable oxygen, leaving a pleasant smell of "ultra-fresh” air.  Many have described this "ultra-fresh" smell like the fragrance of clothes that have just come off an outdoor clothesline. Others have described it as the smell of the ocean, or the air after a thunderstorm.  Ozone is created during lightning strikes in a thunderstorm and the waves of the ocean and is nature’s way of cleaning the environment. Ozone Generators create the same result by bringing the power of Mother Nature to bear on indoor air pollution.  Though ozone is a gas that is more than 1,000 times more powerful than Chlorine bleach, it is a green technology that leaves no chemical residues behind. 

Dental Office Ozone Treatment

Ozone Can Be Used To Destroy The New Coronavirus And Disinfect Areas

Inactivation of Norovirus by Ozone Gas

AP Safety Data Sheet


Saudi Authorities Clean Site With Ozone Gas

Determining Proper Generator Size for my Dental Office

NOTE: After consulting with many similar applications most offices will require either a SA-20000 or SA-30000 based on office sizes ranging between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet.

Guidelines for Proper Sizing:   

SA-40000 = 4,000 square feet or 40,000 cubic feet (Length x Width x Height = cubic feet)

SA-30000 = 3,000 square feet or 30,000 cubic feet (Length x Width x Height = cubic feet)

SA-20000 = 2,000 square feet or 20,000 cubic feet (Length x Width x Height = cubic feet)

SA-10000 = 1,000 square feet or 10,000 cubic feet (Length x Width x Height = cubic feet)

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