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Toby Stegal


Toby Stegal and Promolife is a perfect example of a small niche business whose moment has arrived. A business that humbly began in 1999 by his parents who came about their passion by necessity. They suffered from chronic illnesses and sought out non-toxic and drug-free alternatives to wellness. Their vision was simple. A healthier and happier world. A made in America family of products that put them in what I see as an emerging sweet spot. Green disinfection.

Dr Mike Czubiak and I have discussed on multiple podcasts that we have both been exposed to all the uses of ozone in dentistry for years. Even brand names such as KAVO had an ozone therapeutic device. The bottom line issue for me had always been how poorly represented dental ozone had been on the internet. Poor research and very sketchy web sites. I just had never felt comfortable. Until I met Toby. I am so happy to have a "Made in America" solution and a really smart guy to teach us all about the myriad of applications of ozone in dentistry and everyday life. 

Current Concepts Of Oxygen Ozone For Dentistry


Ozone Treatment Of Dental Water Lines


Ozone Therapy In Dentistry

Ozone Basics In Dentistry

Toby put together this very straight forward package for me to get you making ozonated water. 


Educational Videos From Promolife 

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