The Pay It Forward Project To Bring Dentistry Back From The COVID-19 Pandemic

Jay Huang


I have been doing a deep dive into ozone for the past month. We have deployed it in our offices and home and I am convinced that a year from now, it will become a mainstream disinfectant in both medicine and dentistry. It is embraced all over the world with the exception of the United States. When German-based KAVO attempted to introduce their Healzone device years back, they got a lesson in how difficult and costly the FDA process can be and they pulled out. Same with Therazone, a very cool ozone delivery system that was well ahead of its time but the FDA process depleted their capital and they no longer exist. COVID19 will change things. There is no way a totally green technology can be suppressed at a time when we are working in environments immersed in chemical disinfection. It is not healthy for anyone and it will not take long for that story to be told.

A friend of mine from Australia, Dr. David O'malley sent me a link to KONA.  It was unlike anything I had seen on the market here. I was hoping it would be available here. After a little work, I found the U.S. distributor, Jay Huang. It is what I describe as "Elegant Ozone". On-demand, point of care, 1ppm sanitation that should be every faucet in every medical and dental office. For that matter, all of your taps at home. 


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