The Pay It Forward Project To Bring Dentistry Back From The COVID-19 Pandemic

Mike Sands


One of the most interesting aspects of the search for solutions to the myriad of problems that all dentists are facing right now is the people I have met in the past two months. Most outside of dentistry but all with a singular focus. When it comes to the topic of misting and fogging. Mike Sands is authoritative. In fact, he holds several patents and his company Cloudburst developed the first sideline misters introduced in the NFL in 1994.  They were the first misting/cooling system used in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Mike is a serial inventor and holds several patents in this space. I have no idea how I stumbled onto their website, but I am glad I did. I think cold fogging is an integral part of our come back protocol. Search the internet and you will see electrostatic sprayers and numerous fogging sprayers. Many, direct from China. I have been quoted as much as 30K for a system.  Mike will break it down and introduce you to a fogger for less than 50 BUCKS!  One per Op. Personal fogging protection. 

$49.95 Minimum Order of 2

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― Roy T. Bennett