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The Pay It Forward Project To Bring Dentistry Back From The COVID-19 Pandemic

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One of the most interesting aspects of the last few weeks has been the people that I have called on that had a particular area of expertise and passion. I think that is evident across the entire Phoenix Dental Project. Individuals who are solely focused on one thing, one premium product or service. They eat, sleep and breathe it. Jake Sterio is such a person. I met him at a conference in January and even though I took his card and brochure. Little did I know that weeks later, my perspective had spun and I needed him IMMEDIATELY. The world of dentistry had changed and the need for premium quality air filtration that removes Chemicals, Toxins, Germs, Odors, and most importantly kill airborne Viruses has become a front and center issue for every dental office.  Jake has agreed to “pay it forward” with outstanding service and pricing across his entire product line. Reach out to him and begin your office reconfiguration today.

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Dental Bioaerosol As An Occupational Hazard

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Menace In The Air

Aerosols And Splatter In Dentistry

Protecting Dental Staff - The Most Hazardous Job In America

What Coverage Do I Need for My Practice?

We give the option of GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE level protection. 

The best way to answer this is by way of an analogy:

(1)    GOLD is like brushing your teeth 2 x per day

(2)   SILVER is like brushing your teeth 1 x per day

(3)   BRONZE is like brushing your teeth 1x every three days

What is ASHRAE? 

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

ASHRAE recommends at least 6 Air Changes per Hour (ACH).


(1)    GOLD is one JADE in every operatory + one JADE near the steri center or at the end of a hallway +  one JADE in reception (Typically, GOLD will give you 6+ ACH)

(2)    SILVER is one JADE in every operatory (Typically, SILVER will give you 4 to 5+ ACH)

(3)    BRONZE is two JADES - one at each end of the practice (Typically, BRONZE will give you < 2 ACH)

All we need to know is how many operatories you have and how many square feet your practice is. With this information, we can then give you the exact number of Air Changes per Hour @ < 50dB (quiet and non-disruptive)

* For maximum coverage/protection, a JADE can also be put into the lunchroom and lab if desired. 

What Consumables are Involved?

(1)    The HEPA-Rx filter needs to be changed once a year (running 24/7)

(2)   The Activated Carbon filter needs to be changed 3 times a year (running 24/7)

(3)   The Germicidal UV-C+ needs to be changed just under one year (running 24/7)

At the end of the day, turn off all JADES except one - this will extend the life of the consumables by 3 x

The unit will alert you when they need to be changed.

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